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Once you have registered your camper for a week of camp it is important to review our parent guide for day camp.  This guide includes information for parents and campers about our Day Camp program.  

If you are a first timer to our programs, this guide will give you the knowledge to have a successful week at Camp Clay.  The packet also includes our health and emergency contact form.

This form needs to filled out and returned before your camper starts their week.  Please be thorough on this form so that we can best serve your campers.


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Can I drop off/pick up my camper early?

Camp staff will generally arrive to camp by 7:30a and need a little time to prep for the day.  Drop off between 7:45 and 8a is ok.  Early pick ups need to be reported to the Day Camp Coordinator or Director at the start of the day.  

My camper wants to bring items from home to camp, is that allowed?

If campers would like to bring items from home, like a fishing pole or other item, it needs to be cleared with the Day Camp Coordinator.  Please leave valuable and electronic items at home.

Can my camper and their friends be in the same group?

At Camp Clay, we arrange our groups by age.  We will do our best to accommodate 1 group request.  Requests must be made prior to camp.  We do our best to create an environment for your camper to make new friends as well!

Can my camper have a cell phone to call me from camp?

YMCA Camp Clay Day Camps are considered a "tech free" zone.  We prefer that all electronic devices be left at home.  We try to encourage campers and staff to "unplug" at camp and enjoy the outdoors and build interpersonal relationships.  Please show trust in your camper and our staff by encouraging your camper to talk with camp staff about issues they are having in our programs.  Campers can always contact parents through the Day Camp Coordinator if needed.

Does my camper need extra money at camp?

Camp Clay has a concession stand as part of our Aqua Park.  Campers can purchase snacks from the concession stand during Aqua Park swim time if they choose.  You can also send snacks in your campers lunch.  There may be times that we take off camp trips as a part of our program.  If the trip requires extra fees we will inform parents early in the week.

What should I do if I need to contact my camper or their counselor?

All communications outside of check in/check out time should go through the Day Camp Coordinator.

What do I do if my camper takes medicine while at Camp?

All medicines, whether over the counter or prescription, needs to be listed on your health form.  They must be in their original bottle with the label intact.  They will be turned over to the Day Camp Coordinator at the start of the day/week.  The Coordinator will keep all medicines in a secure  place and dispense the medicine to your camper according to the label.

Emergency medicines like epipens or inhalers can be kept secured with the camper but their counselor must be informed and trained in their use in case of an emergency.