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YMCA of Van Wert County F.A.Q.

Q- What are the prices for membership?

A-Membership pricing can be found at

Q-What does membership include?

A-Full membership includes After hours access (limitations apply), free fitness classes, free child watch in the morning, access to the pool when it is open, reduced cost on youth/adult programs, whirlpool and sauna’s for adults (during open hours), weight/cardio room, and reduced admission prices at Camp Clay/Hickory Sticks Golf.

Q-Does my membership include free or reduced access to YMCA Camp Clay.

A-We offer members a discount on season passes at Camp Clay and if you show your membership card, we offer $1 off of daily admission.

Q-Do you have Financial Assistance available?

A-Yes, we offer financial assistance for memberships and day camps at Camp Clay.  The assistance is based on the number of people in your household and the total household income.  Qualifying families can get up to 50% assistance.  FA memberships do not include our After Hours access.

Q-Can my children be in the facility after hours?

A-Anyone under the age of 18 MUST have a parent/guardian with a valid After Hours membership to be in the facility after hours.

Q-How old do youth have to be to be in the YMCA without a parent?

A- We allow youth to be in the YMCA at 7 years old without a parent/guardian as long as they follow all rules both written and verbal.

Q-Can Youth use the exercise equipment?

A-Youth members must be 13 and over to use our exercise equipment (weights and cardio) without direct supervision as long as they use the equipment properly.  If staff see youth using the equipment incorrectly, they may suspend equipment use until they go through a free fitness orientation with our fitness staff.  Youth aged 12 years old can use cardio equipment with direct parent or guardian supervision.


Q-Does the Y provide fitness orientation for youth and adults?

A-Yes! You can schedule a free fitness orientation with one of our fitness staff by contacting Jaz!

Q-Does the Y offer personal training?

A-Yes!  The YMCA has an amazing personal trainer named JAZ!!.  Personal training is an extra cost based on what you are looking for.  Pricing can be found here:   

More will be added as they are available.